Thursday 14 August 2014

Crazy Good Karma Week!

Just a quick-ish update on some of the wonderful, crazy changes that have been happening in my world as of late ... it has been an exceptionally amazing last couple of weeks for me - karmic-ally speaking - and I am feeling truly thankful for my good fortune, and for the love and support of my amazing family and friends!

You all mean the world to me!

Thank you <3

This is our lovely and dear old man Badger, who now has a sweet, rambunctious new friend to hang out with! And we are lucky enough to add a lovable, drooly and big-hearted addition to our family.

Meet Luka!


We love him dearly and are so happy he could come and live with us!

I have been working on some needle felted owls for my friend Gudrun - she is so lovely and has never ending talents! - I hope she likes them :)

I was lucky enough to be have an art yarn of mine selected for the month long August Show and Working Studio at the Art Gallery here in town.

I am really chuffed about it!! :)

Introducing my "Where the Wild Things Are" art yarn. This one has some sentimental meaning and so I am really thrilled that it was chosen for the show.

I'm also collaborating on a project with my dear friend and uber-talented fibre sister Melissa Nasby of SoulFibre Studios! We are brainstorming and creating up a storm!! How cool is that?!

This eyeball is part of it ... it's won't be as creepy as it looks right now I assure you ... ;) More details to follow later on this one ... 

And finally!

Some fibre equipment that I have been searching for (and yearning for) to assist me in my fibre prep has finally come to fruition for me!

I got my first pair of hand carders! Second hand and vintage too! They have probably already prepped baskets full of lovely fibre before they found their way to me!

And they were still unfinished wood ... 

And you know me and unfinished surfaces ... well, it's like a blank canvas screaming out for some colour!!

And so I may have made them blue ... with tattoo's.

I absolutely love them!

Thank you Good Karma! I promise, as always, to pay it forward and help keep the good Karma rolling!

Wishing you all Good Karma and Happy Days!

xo nikki

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