Friday, 26 April 2013

Yardage From the Mayan Spinner

I have pulled off the "Villian Convention" from Dragonfly Dyewerx that I spun on the Mayan Spniner and got 112 yards! Sweet! 

I think this is destined to become one of my knitted owls ;)

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! 

Big Hugs!
xo nikki 

Monday, 8 April 2013

Coffee Break Spinning

I like to spin on my coffee break - it takes me away from my work day and gives me a chance for some creativity :)

It's on the Mayan Spinner again with my newly dyed wool that I did in the Crock Master circa 1974. Thanks Nana for the sweet Crock Pot! It's never seen so much use!  

"Froggy Pond" on the Mayan Spinner

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Spinning On the Go!

It has been a looong time since I blogged and we have both been busy little bees trying to get ready for Creative Chaos in June!! Very xcited to be going - hope to see you all there :)

Took some quick pictures via the phone to show some of the "on the go" stuff that Nik and I have been doing. Definately there will be more coming so stay tuned!

Spinning on the Ashford Drop SPindle by Nikki Webber

Spinning on the Mayan Spinner by Nikki Webber
Spinning on the Mayan Spinner by Nikki Marshall!

I think I may have gotten Nikki M hooked on hand-spinning! (Insert evil laugh here) Mwa-ha-ha! 

Nikki Marshall's amazing creations on the Mayan Spinner

Delicious lock spun yarn by Nikki Marshall
Fibre Dyeing by Nikki Webber

Some art yarn spun up by Nikki Webber (sorry about the lousy pic) called "Hawaiian Punch"

Hope you like them :)

xo nikki