Friday 28 February 2014

Missy Moo's Owl

I have a little story to share ... 

So, a couple of days ago, I was busy knitting up some Wee Hoot's for my upcoming show when the littlest one comes over, gently lays a hand on my leg and says in a quiet little voice,

"Momma, is that owl for me?"

And so I say that it's for the show coming up and she looks at me and replies,

"Because I don't have one yet."

And I stop short as my heart breaks, and the guilt floods in and I look at my little girl and realize, with absolute horror! that of the dozens of owls that she has watched me knit for gifts, for shows, for commissions, that she is absolutely right -

I have not made one yet for my own little poppet!!

"Oh my goodness, my love" I say, "you are right, pick out whichever wool you like and we will make you one right now!"

My sweet little girl smiles at me and races to the wool basket, quickly finding some purpley-blue Noro and running back to hand it to me.

"This one Momma!" she says all smiles.

"Those are perfect colours," I say, quickly pulling my needles out of the current owl I was working on so that I can get straight to work on an owl that is tragically overdue ... 

"Pick out some buttons for eyes, Missy Moo and I'll have it ready in no time."


She named her Wee Hoot "Heart" and after feeding her breakfast this morning (above) took her to school for Show and Tell.

I'm so happy that she loves her new owl and bless her heart, doesn't seem to mind that it took so long to have one to call her own.

I am humbled by her heart and the unconditional love and patience that it contains.

Thank you my love, for just being you.

xo Momma

Wednesday 26 February 2014

Some of My Distractions ...

Why is it when I have so much to do that I am the most easily distracted by new and creative ideas?

xo nikki

Monday 24 February 2014

Sharing the Fibre Love!

Hello Everyone!

My apologies in the tardiness of posting lately - I have been all wrapped up in finishing up some commissions and there hasn't been much time for much else ... well, maybe a few distractions here and there ;)

On the weekend I got some lovely photos that I want to share with you all ... it is from my dear friend Ky and the fibre fun she and her lovely daughter Jewel have been getting up to.

So it all began with a batt, that Jewel made up (all by herself), and which Ky took and spun up for her into this gorgeousness!

Which also can be worn as a very fashionable necklace/scarf but actually had a very different destiny in mind (modelled by the beautiful Jewel below)

And so with some 4.5mm needles and the Wee Hoot pattern that scrumptious yarn began taking shape ... 

into the latest family member of Wee Hoots! 
Super cuddly and cute and ready for adventure!

 Isn't that wonderful!

So enjoy everyone and share some fibre love in your own way today!

xo nikki